Behind the scenes of our Oliver Jane Photoshoot

June 27 2017 – Oliver Jane

Behind the scenes of our Oliver Jane Photoshoot

Behind the scenes of our Oliver Jane Photoshoot

Having built a beachwear collection out of the experiences Oliver and Jane had sailing the Mediterranean, it only seemed right to go back to its roots and return to Corfu for the first Oliver Jane Photoshoot.

Nestled between the olive groves on the North East of the island, the villa had uninterrupted views from the infinity pool across the Ionian Sea.

South of the infamous Kassiopi, the area was unsurprisingly renamed by Tatler as “Kensington by the Sea”. With a famous flock of guest arriving by boat from Corfu town to Kerasia beach, with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall being some of the best amongst the many. The villa was the perfect location for a memorable start to the Oliver Jane Story.
Oliver Jane - Behind the Scenes

Away from the glitz and glamour we see today, there are still hints of the original Corfu that gave us the inspiration for our washed out beach look in contrast to the sophistication represented by Jane, more commonly characterised in the South of France or Capri. One thing that was always apparent to me when growing up was that Corfu never had to try to be cool; it was effortless and as such, our intention was to recreate this in our first Oliver Collection.

With our idyllic tucked-away locations discovered, it was time to take the boat with our host, who last year swam the 2.2- mile channel from Albania to Corfu to raise money for a nearby orphanage, to Corfu Town. We picked up the full team of models, photographers, videographers and make up artists and went straight to the local village of San Stefano. After relaxing and enjoying a feast of locally-caught fish and other delights on the barbeque, we fully broke the ice with one round (too many) at the infamous Damiano’s bar!

Oliver Jane - The infamous Damiano’s bar

Progress was deservedly slow the next morning, eventually pulling ourselves from the villa we ordered lunch before the real hard work started. Having picked 5 sharing plates each at the local family run Kerasia Taverna, the table was soon full with no room to menovour, a task set too high to complete. Our favourite locals Nikos and Yanni agreed to pack up the left overs into a doggy bag before we set off on shoot. A stark reminder of the unassuming lifestyle Corfu represents.

When it was time for the hard work to begin, we made our way around the bay onto the marble rocks for our first shoot overlooking the cream castle turrets of the Rothschild Family next-door. The clear water and elegant white marble created the perfect back drop for our colourful beach collection.

Happy with the day’s progress, we head back to the villa for a well-deserved bottle of rosé, kindly donated by the local shop – an ever telling sign Oliver’s family had spent too much in there growing up as children. Of course, it wasn’t the only bottle that was popped…

The following day, having awoken to the blissful calmness of our surroundings, after laying around all morning waiting for the sun to die down, not only to reduce the shadows but also to help with our typically English red skin, we made our way down to the small village of Kouloura, a traditional stoney fishing village. With all the tiny fishing boats rocking and knocking in the wind, with splashes of colour from the boats, nets and lobster pots resembling those towns seen on the Amalfi coast, the location produced some of my favourite shots.

Oliver Jane - Behind the Scenes

The photographer began to work his magic capturing the identity of the brand. On the video you will see ‘The White House’ - a beautiful home right on the water’s edge, which was made famous in 2016 in the hit series ‘The Durrells’.

Having captured the stern model pose and pouts, we finished the day a lot more relaxed, not before pressuring the team into a cliff jump captured by the drone. We swooped around the bay and rather smugishly pulled up to a private jetty for a few sundowners on the beach giving us time to reflect.

After putting in a lot of planning and effort to ensure the shoot was fun and effortless, I was extremely grateful to hear it was their most enjoyable shoot they have ever experienced. A product can be good, your branding can be great, but your reputation is key and if the Oliver Jane team can continue to spread the same kind of positivity wherever they go, then we will have a good opportunity to capture the success we have set out to achieve, after all, Oliver Jane has been built on the needs of a relationship.

We would like to thank everyone that kindly gave up their time to make this trip a success, some very generous people made this all possible, we will be eternally grateful.