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October 27 2017 – Oliver Jane


About The Bucket Lust

From the original team that built circular rafts in the middle of an ocean now delivering the most idyllic of locations with the most unforgettable of parties, all crowdfunded to give the people what they want at the price they want, welcome to the The Bucket Lust.
The BucketLust has successfully created a platform to discover the most unimaginable locations bringing people together to help discover their dreams. Having worked for a competitor and established a similar experience, the team realised the model was becoming too profit led and the focus was moving away from the people and to the pockets!

circle rates with The BucketLust and Oliver Jane

The BucketLust Aim

The team decided to act, they identified a desire to deliver the same experience, in new locations at cost. The focus was on the people. If they could use the huge gathering and crowd fund the experience, getting sponsorship and discount where they could then dreams would become a reality. The BucketLust was born!

The Partnership

Following an unforgettable experience on its first route in Belize, The BucketLust realised they were onto something and so did we. Oliver Jane wanted to be a part of this unique experience, having built its brand on relationships, what better way to give something back. A partnership was born.

Bespoke Swim

After a successful collaboration with The Bucket Lust on their Mykonos Route, Oliver Jane are delighted to announce its partnership does not end here, we will be working with the Bucket Lust team to design a unique Bahamas print designed by them for them!
 OliverJane bespoke service - launching SOON!

Join In

If you think you have what it takes to visit an ecological oasis with the clearest water in the world and party harder then you aver have done before, join the crowd: www.thebucketlust.org

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